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January 9th, 2008

Politics, Me and my Mom

Today on the way to work I was talking to mom about my about for the up coming election. I was voicing my disappointment about how well Hilary Clinton seems to be doing and how I don’t want to vote for her and I don’t want to vote Republican. I am more or less supporting Brock Obama and I want to see him do well.

Well mom flat out told me that I wasn’t voting Republican, yes I know that all of the above are Democrats. But its like this, instead of her trying to understand why I was so concerned she told me that I had to vote for a Democrat.

Now I know that my family is rather upset with Gorge W. Bush and his administration, basically they are seen as criminals. So apparently that is why I can’t vote republican, never mind if I thought that one of the republican candidates could do the best job.

On top of that my family is able to tell who I voted for just by my reaction when they ask me on the way home! Is nothing sacred anymore! The last time that I cheeked this was a democracy and we weren’t suppose to tell each other which party or candidate to vote for.

To me this is a huge headache, I know that I am going to vote for the candidate who I think will do the best job. But this is still bugging me, it just makes me worry about my mom and people like her, I would like to see some changes in America.

I would like to see a time table for bring our solders home from the war and programs to help the solders who are suffering from war related conditions. However one of the most important things is to make sure that the Iraqi people are helped to get back on their feet as a country. Even though I am not for the war, I don’t want to abandon the people of Iraqi.