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January 19th, 2008

My Life

I know I haven’t written anything recently, that is because, I have either been at home or at work. Aside from a few days ago when I was forcibly dragged to a hockey game. On that particular day I went to get my hair cut an mom dropped me off at the new library. That is if you can even call it a library, they had almost no fiction books, a scarcity of nonfiction, and a very depressing teen and children’s section. There also seemed to be no room for new book shelves, because there where computers where those shelves would have been.

Now I don’t mind the fact that the other wing of the library is an activities room and a senior citizens center. Its just that it doesn’t look like the library has any room to grow, that and I couldn’t find a copy of The Lord of the Rings or the Hobit anywhere. Oh well ranting alone isn’t going to change anything

After seeing the library mom picked me up and out of the blue decided that we where going to a hockey game and that I was going to take care of grandma. This was enuff to make me very upset, now don’t get me wrong I love my grandma and I like spending time with her. However I really hate it when mom just decides things like this with out asking me in advance, I don’t adjust well to spontaneity and I think it might be some how related to my Dyslexia.

Ok for those of you who don’t know, I had a basket ball couch who managed to ruin sports for me. About the only sporting event that I don’t feel miserable at is one of my little sisters soccer games. Mom told me that she would take me home, however there wasn’t enough time for her to do so. So I ended up being even madder then I all ready was. All that I could do to not complexly lose my temper around my mom and little sister was to take a nap until we got to where we where going.

So we get to grandma’s and mom attempts to drop me off, well grandma has gotten it into her head that there is going to be a storm. When grandma gets an idea like that she becomes imposable, so here I am felling rejected by my own grandma and forced into a poison where I have to watch a hockey game. But it wasn’t all bad, after words we went to a restraint that I like and we got home at a reasonable time.