January 22nd, 2008


I might be getting a Job!

I had a job interview at Wal-Mart today and I was offered a job! I was very nerves during parts of the interview, because my family doesn’t like Wal-Mart, however mom seems to understand why working there might be good for me. After all the manager who intervened me was willing to taller a position for to fill. The manager was also very understanding about me having a disability and working with the disabled.

But the best part is that I will not have to quit my job at the Presentation Center or work late three days a week! That means that I will be able to keep my job at the Presentation Center; I am really happy about this! After working with the Sisters for so long I have come to love them so much, if anyone asked how many godmothers I have I would have to say 32.

What I am going to miss the most is working with everyone at the Bowler, everyone there has been so kind to me and very helpful. Its kind of hard to imagine not working with the same crew of people, but I might be able to come up with a reason to see them again some time.

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