February 4th, 2008


A New Job

I told every one at the Bowler that this was my last day and that I will be starting at Wal-Mart tomorrow, some people took this better then others. The fifty year old man, who has a crush on me wanted to give me a kiss. I had to turn him down, he is a very sweet guy and all, but he is too old for me and kissing in the work place isn’t appropriate by any stretch of the imagination. Bu like I said he is just like a child, mentally speaking he is probably seven years old and he understands that I just want to be friends.

I am not sure how I feel about working at Wal-Mart, after all smaller businesses can’t compete very well and end up closing. Knowing this is such a pain, however so far I have only met friendly people in Wal-Mart and it seems like an ok place to work.

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