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February 8th, 2008


Here it is 7:40 in the morning and the day is all ready going down hill. Here is what happen mom woke me up before my alarm went off again this morning, for some reason she thinks that she has to. I do tend to be a little slow in the morning, but I don’t have to be anywhere until 9:00. Anyway this morning mom thought it would be a good time, to show me how to read the shegewel (sp) for Wal-Mart. The shegewel is support to have me working three days a week, however with the way they have it drawn up I work four days a week. In and of its self this wasn’t a big deal I mean there is nothing wrong with working a four day week.

However, I was going to marathon one of the animes that I am watching this Saturday or try to get together with one of my friends, also the bathrooms need to be cleaned again. It would also be nice if I had time to read a book, between everything else that I try to get done after work.

But what annoys me the most, is that I have to re-do my hole calendar and that mom couldn’t let the mater drop. I have problems with cognitive skills and that came into play with the idea of weeks starting on Saturday instead of Sunday. So in my mind I didn’t have to work again until next Saturday, that though me for a loop. What made it worse was that dad had to get involved and mom wouldn’t jut let the mater drop and she knows how I react when I am frustrated. Also some one took the water bottle out of the lunch bag I have been using. I am just trying to save a little money and no one bothered to ask me before taking it out of the lunch bag. I guess it could be worse, but all the same its annoying and inconvenient.

Basically I am still feeling a little stressed out right now, but at least I have a job to go to. Right now I don’t know what I would do with out a little time away from home. Besides I am a janitor, a nice relaxing job that is only boring once and a while. With any luck I will be able to push a brome and chat with my job coach all day. Then I can come home and figer out how I am going to deal with the changes in my weekend plains, with any luck every thing will fall into place with out me losing my mind.