February 23rd, 2008


And that’s what hurts

I play the Sims and the store should be able to replace both of the games.

I was down stares playing scrabble with my mom, sister, and brother and we where having a good time. The first game passed with out insolent as mom and my sister tried to play made up words. Then the second game started, on my turn I played Lee. I explained that the word had something to do with sailing and no one believed me, after all it wasn’t in the scrabble dictionary. My brother then moved the L to the end of the word spelling Eel, for me this was the last straw, with out thinking I slammed a pen down on the table and walked off for a moment. I ended up going back and sitting quietly, but clearly upset.

For me it has nothing to do with the word its self, but the fact that they didn’t take me seriously. I tend to learn about new words every time that I play scrabble with them. And I don’t typically challenge them and I never touch the leaders on the board.

I also ended up getting online, looking up the meaning of the word Lee. Just so I could show them that I new what I was doing during the game. My brother apologized, but he sounded a little aggressive so I am not sure how to take it. Mom was kinder and more understanding of my feelings, so why dose this still hurt?

Lee the side (as of a ship) or area that is sheltered from the windThis word has other meanings as well, but I don’t want to post all of them.


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