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March 1st, 2008

My Life


I don’t have a social worker, at least not one that I know of or have meet face to face. I will have to look into this as soon as possible. If my family dose end up moving and there is a Wal-Mart in the area I could finds out about transferring my job to the store in the area. However, if I can stay in my home town I would like to do that. I love my family but you are right Brigid, it is very hard to get a job.

I have been home for about an hour and a half, I took care of some things online and then mom came into my room. She wants to know what show I am watching (I instinctively turned off the TV so she wouldn’t beat me to turning it off). I was watching Two and a Half Men and ended up telling her that, I was afraid that she would find something wrong with the program, she has a way of doing that with a lot of the shows that I like.

She also wanted to know what I was doing on my computer, I turned down the screen so that I wouldn’t be distracted by the game that I had just started playing. Then mom goes on about how playing Sims isn’t healthy and all of that. I have just worked for almost four hours straight.

I enjoy designing houses in the game and leading my imaginary people though their imaginary lives. Is that so wrong? I am not big into puzzle related games like my sister, so why can’t I enjoy what I like sometimes.

At least I am very careful about when I watch anime. Like what I watch during the day verses what I watch at night. Otherwise mom would definitely try to make me stop watching an episode that I have become interested in. Mom never needs to know anything about anime horror, fan service, and a number of other things that she would definitely overreact to.

At the moment I am in my room watching the news with my mom. It’s a little annoying. However, it's hard to argue with her since she needs to know who won a basketball game at a local school. I don’t understand all of her reasons, but I know that it's important.