April 8th, 2008


I am planning to write a paper

I am in the posses of doing research on the boycott of the of the Olympic games in Beijing China. At this time I am shocked and discussed by every thing that I have learned. The genocide of the Tibetan people, The forced exile of The dalai lama and the people of Tibet who where able to escape. China also has a nasty human rights recorded against its own people.

I am going to continue my research and encourage others to participate in the boycott as well. I am planning on writing and posting a paper to be posted here, however before that I have to do more research and make sure its both up to date and correct.

In the paper I am planning on looking at Tibet and the way that China has treated the Tibetan people. I also want to look at religious oppression as it applies to the people of Tibet. I want to do this to raise awareness for the reasons why so many people are standing up and protesting the Olympic games. Sints my spelling and use of punctuation is iffy, I would appreciate it if some one would volunteer to help me with editing.

In the mean time I will probably be very busy; looking over every peace of information that I can lay my hands. I will also be writing as much as possible, mostly on my days off. I see this as a very important thing that has to be done, not just by me but by as many people as possible so that we can all dig up as much information and truths on the situation as possible.

My other Live Journal Indigo’s Review, is not going to suffer because of this. After all every one needs a hobby and anime is one of my favorite ones, I am also very critical of every thing and like to share my opinions on it. I have all ready posted the names of the anime that I am correctly viewing, so there should be some thing by the end of the month if not a little sooner.

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