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The Day That Hell Freezes Over!

All that I wanted to do lat night was read a book, is that too much to ask, especially since it’s starting to even more interesting. Some of the girls on my floor don’t seem to know the meaning respect or that some people actually try to study in their dorm rooms, do they know how annoying they are? I mean really no thanks to them I wasn’t able to consented on my homework for more then maybe about ah hour or two and I still have a lot to read.
Well at least the English test isn’t to day and I will have all weekend to do the reading. And best of all I can do it in the library far, far away from those girls. Aaaaaa I mean there should be rules against being that disruptive and annoying in the dormitory.
Next year I think that I am going to get a job of some kind and rent a room or get an apartment or something, I might even try living at home for a little while.
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