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Rain, Rain Go Away!

For the past few days it has either been dark and over cast, or dark over cast and raining. I have nothing against a little rain; after all with out the rain every one would have to spend thousands of dollars just to keep their plaints from dieing. But day after day after day, come on now that’s over kill. All that I want are a few nice worm summer days, it could be 100 degrees out side and I wouldn’t care, just as long as I could leave the house with out getting rained on.

On the up side mom is going to pick up grandma tomorrow, or so she said. So even though I am likely to be coped up with my family for another day, at least I will get to spend a little time with my grandma.

So far I have failed to make any progress on any of my stories, it’s a little frustrating. However when you consider what has been going on I don’t think its that bad just yet. After all mom has been keeping me busy and when I would be able to write all that I want to do is lay down and do nothing after mowing the lawn or going around Fargo Moorhead with mom.

One of my neighbors had surgery and she might need some help with her kids and she might also need some help around the house. Some of my sisters friends have been in and out of the house as if they where family. I really hope that my neighbor needs help around her house. At the moment I am only about twelve hundred dollars short of the computer that I have been drooling over and I would like some way of paying for it with out going temporally broke; of cores I might find one that is just as nice for a better price, either way I would like to get my own word processor before I go nuts.
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